The African Literacy Art and Development Association (ALAD) is a dynamic 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose Board of Directors collectively has more than 400 years of professional experience working in Africa. The main focus of ALAD is to help make the communities of rural Ghana, West Africa, self-sustaining places to live by promoting literacy and small business development.


To help communities of rural Ghana, West Africa, become self-sustaining places to live by promoting literacy and small business development.

To educate Americans about the culture and history of the peoples of Africa through exposure to traditional and contemporary African art.


  • Empower the poor in rural areas by developing libraries and pre-school centers, and maintaining literacy centers and programs.

  • Develop community, small-scale businesses to generate cash income and employment to improve the community’s living standards. A portion of net income is set aside to maintain the community’s library, literacy and pre-school centers.

    Enhance Americans’ literacy of African culture and history through projects which utilize contemporary and traditional African art to build awareness of the peoples of Africa.

    Our mission will enhance the quality of life for the men, women, and children in rural communities in Ghana, West Africa and provide options where previously there were none " one village at a time".

    ALAD solicit donations to promote the project ALAD sponsor in the rural communities in Ghana; one hundred percent of all donations go directly to the implementation of these projects.

    Your contribution to ALAD will

    • Promote community self-help which fosters literacy and empowerment.

    • Develop cash income generating enterprises, conceived and implemented by local people and local institutions.

    • Educate American communities about the history and culture of Africa.

    Please make your tax deductible contribution to ALAD  to assist us in our efforts.

    MAIL TO:

    ALAD Treasurer

    3394 Cerrito Court

    Naples FL. 34109-3358